Approach & Project Management

from sketch to transfer, and rendering to final product, each story is unique

Understand & Identify

We partner, exchange ideas, identify the audience, and define what visual solutions are necessary.

Strategize & Design

We organize and distill complex information. Then we create a plan for effective visual communication to be produced on time and within budget.

Create & Innovate

From thumbnail to final, we embrace the newest techniques and technology to create accurate and aesthetic imagery.

Package & Deliver

We provide high quality visual communications to clients around the world.

(Art + Science) x Communication = UNDERSTANDING

The formula is no secret.

I strive to synthesize effective communication with design aesthetic combined with knowledge and education.




Visual Problem-Solving

Medical illustrators are highly adaptable and create accurate images that teach. Clients need dynamic, educational and aesthetic visuals that clarify complex processes, procedures, concepts, products and the latest discoveries.


Fairman Studios has been a leading board-certified medical illustration studio, with over 25 years of experience in visual communications for the scientific research and healthcare communities who need their stories to be understood so that scientific research and healthcare consumers can make better, confident, educated decisions. This experience helps a wide range of clients that need to educate their stakeholders.


Black and white, color, form, perspective, light and shadow. Pencil, pen, watercolor, carbon dust, pixels, vectors, and voxels. Databases, design, frameworks and interactivity. Visualizations.


Human form, anatomy & physiology, cells & molecules, macrocosms, the microbiome, nanoparticles, biodiversity, reactions, mechanisms, interactions, and synthesis.


Illustration, Illumination and Interpretation. Story-telling. Engagement, translation and narration. Design, flow and architecture. Science explained; clarity we seek.


Stories and solutions. Education and elucidation. The bottom line. You get it, and now, you can make an informed decision.


To deliver accurate and compelling visual communications that engage, inspire, and ultimately tell clear stories to elucidate understanding and lead to better choices.


Your primary goal is likely to have accurate and compelling illustrations and animations that engage and clearly communicate content, leading to understanding so that consumers can make informed choices.


Skills range from still illustration to 2D and 3D motion media, aesthetic and well thought-out design, educvational infographics in addition to a variety of illustration styles.


The approach is layered, from consultation to concept, innovative visualization and finished product. Your story is discussed in order to understand its main message, and is distilled into effective communication visuals that lead your audience to better outcomes.

Evolve & Advance

Continuous learning and teaching is how Fairman Studios continues to evolve and advance. Every project is a new opportunity to learn the newest innovations. 

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