The Studio:

Fairman Studios was founded in 2000 as a Board Certified medical and biological visual communications studio. We specialize in medical and biological illustration, interactive design, animation, web publication and graphic design for the Scientific, Medical, Health and Biotechnology industries. From complex surgical procedures or new medical products, to patient education or visualizing new scientific discovery, Fairman Studios provides accurate, aesthetic imagery for a variety of clients and projects. Our team has the knowledge, sophistication, skills and experience to make your biocommunications project a success. Whether the subject requires an animation of a complex surgical procedure, an ad for a new medical product, a patient education brochure or scientific imagery for a museum display, Fairman Studios provides accurate, aesthetic imagery for a variety of clients and projects.

Fairman Studios provides high quality artwork and graphic design to clients across the globe. What makes Fairman Studios unique is our specialized experience, style, technique, accuracy and timeliness. We are also versatile, working with traditional and digital media.


Our Services:

If a picture can speak a thousand words, imagine what an accurate, engaging, and didactic medical illustration can do to educate your audience. Our illustration services cover many subjects including medical, surgical, anatomical, conceptual & editorial, molecular, cellular, genetic, patient education, corporate communications, advertisement, trail exhibits, journal publication, pharmaceutical, medical device, medical product, and biotechnology.

Animation services include story-boarding, medical writing, voice-over editing, asset creation, raster & vector animation, and interactive design.

Simple illustration and information design that tells a big story. Visual narrative and design.

Logo, Identity and Graphic Design services include logo design, layout design, art program development, typography and publication.

Visit our new segment, Illustr8science® to view images form our catalog that are available for educational and commercial licensing.

Web and Interactive Media services include extensive knowledge in HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, WordPress, CSS3, and Flash, Adobe Animate and WordPress.

Creative business and small business consulting, project advisory, marketing, intellectual property licensing, start-up strategy and project management.

Image Licensing is Available

Much of the artwork you see in our gallery is copyrighted owned by Fairman Studios, but may be re-licensed for a fee. If you have questions or a specific request, feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail. You may also contact Fairman Studios by clicking on any of the inquiry links throughout our site.


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