SomaLogic Somamer MOA

SomaLogic Somamer MOA

This explanatory animation illustrates SomaLogic’s SOMAmer technology. At the heart of SomaLogic’s unique platform are SOMAmer (Slow Off-rate Modified Aptamer) modified nucleic acid-based protein binding reagents, each of which are highly specific for their cognate protein. To date, SomaLogic has developed SOMAmers to a broad array of over 1000 different protein targets critical to normal and disease biology, and continue to add new SOMAmers all the time.

SOMAscan™ technology (illustrated below) takes advantage of two distinctive properties of SOMAmers: Their specific protein-binding properties and their primary nucleic acid sequences. These two properties not only ensure accurate protein detection and measurement, but allow the multiplexing of literally up to more than a thousand such measurements in each of several hundred different samples in a single experiment.


This technology ensures that measurements are taken only of proteins specific to the SOMAmers being used, giving an accurate readout of both protein identity and concentration in the original sample. The ability to detect anywhere from a few to more than a thousand proteins in literally hundreds of different samples a day – depending on the requirements of the analysis being undertaken – provides for a quick determination of a protein biomarker “signature” indicative of the disease or biological state (e.g., drug response) being studied.

SomaLogic Somamer MOA from Fairman Studios on Vimeo.

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