December 2002: FCB Healthcare and Fairman Studios create Endo Laboratory’s new Lidoderm® colateral Postherpetic Neuralgia, a complication of shingles that can be more painful than shingles itself. Currently there is a unique treatment called Lidoderm® (lidocaine patch 5%) — an FDA approved treatment to help relieve the pain of postherpetic neuralgia. Lidoderm® is a soft, pliable patch which is applied directly to the painful area. Lidocaine in the patch penetrates just enough to reach the damaged, painful nerves under the skin without being significantly absorbed into the bloodstream.
logo December 11 2002: “Setting Up Shop” – Presented by Fairman StudiosJennifer Fairman of Fairman Studios will give a 2 hour presentation and lead an open discussion how to set up a business from a freelance artist’s perspective. She will discuss and take questions from the group on a variety of topics. Topics will include: finances, taxes and finding an accountant, organizing, incorporating and much more. Come join us as we share ideas on setting up an independent illustration studio. Bring questions, snacks, friends and yourself.Where: Massachusetts College of Art
Tower Building, 11th Floor, Trustees Room
Avenue of the Arts, 621 Huntington Avenue (between Longwood Avenue and Evans Way)
Boston, MA
For directions: Wednesday, December 11 2002, 7pm to 9pm

For more information contact:
Matt Sloane, Boston GAG Chapter President:
Jennifer Fairman, Owner, Fairman Studios, LLC:
or visit: Boston Chapter Graphic Artists Guild Website

logo December 9 2002: Bacillophobia: Fear of Germs – on National GeographicMonday, December 9, at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT
Witness a therapy program that helps people overcome their intense fear of germs. Then meet the antiphobe, a scientist who seeks out bacteria-infested places to study the microorganisms all around us. Watch “Bacillophobia: Fear of Germs” on The National Geographic Channel. Promotional Website created by Neon Sky Creative with interactive Germs created by Fairman Studios.

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logo December 2002: Uncover the Human Body, Children’s Book, Published by Silver Dolphin PressIs it a book or is it a model? It’s both! Turn each page and uncover a new layer of understanding. Produced by becker&mayer! Ltd., this illustrated book contains a 3-dimensional see-through human anatomical model accompanied by explanatory text and medical artwork. Written by Luann Colombo, Illustrated by Jennifer Fairman and Craig Zuckerman. Published by Silver Dolphin Books.
December 2002: Biomeasure selects Fairman Studios to produce new corporate educational materials.Biomeasure, a subsidiary of Beaufour-Ipsen, strives to understand and help patients health by curing disease, relieving symptoms and improving overall well-being. Their mission is to develop effective and well-tolerated products in order to maintain quality of life. Biomeasure has asked Fairman Studios to help deliver its message by producing new corporate education and lecture presentation materials.
logo November 2002: FCB Healthcare Selects Fairman Studios for Merck’s Singulair™ ad campaign Asthma is characterized by narrowed, inflamed, and sensitive airways. Singulair™ is a medication for the long-term treatment of asthma in adults, adolescents, and children 2 years and older. As a once-a-day treatment, Singulair™ may help to simplify treatment for many asthma patients. Fairman Studios is producing illustrations for a marketing campaign describing action on narrowed airways, causing breathing to become difficult; inflamed airways, where the lining of airways becomes swollen; and sensitive airways, which may react to many things, such as cigarette smoke, pollen, and cold air.
logo November 2002: site set to launch in the FallThis site is an educational resource for patients written and reviewed by urology experts. Patients and their families can search by choosing from adult or pediatric urology conditions or entering a condition into a search database. All content is accompanied by medical illustrations. This information is not intended to be a substitute for a consultation with a urologist, but rather a way to educate patients about a wide variety of urologic diseases and conditions.
dotted_line November 22: Happy Anniversary, Fairman Studios!dotted_line

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logo October 2002: Carimune™ Poster illustrated by Fairman Studios. Carimune™ Immune Globulin Intravenous (Human) – or IGIV – is a freeze-dried plasma-derived product containing antibodies normally present in the blood of healthy individuals. These antibodies are complex proteins that form a key part of the body’s natural immune system. Carimune™ increases the amount of the key antibodies in the body, which prevent the occurrence or reduce the severity of certain infectious diseases. Exactly how IGIV works is not completely understood. Carimune™ is made exclusively from U.S.-donor plasma and is manufactured in ZLB Bioplasma’s manufacturing facility in Bern, Switzerland. It is freeze dried to provide pharmacists and doctors the maximum flexibility in reconstituting to varied protein concentrations and can be stored at room temperature. An instructive poster for pharmacists on the reconstitution of Carimune™ was produced by bryantBROWN communications, and illustrated by Fairman Studios.
logo October 2002: RISK, by David Ropeik, to hit book stores in the Fall. Risk: A Practical Guide for Deciding What’s Really Safe and What’s Really Dangerous in the World Around You, a book by David Ropeik and George Gray at the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis, will be hitting bookstores in the Fall. Featuring medical artwork by Fairman Studios, this indispensable and timely guide is the ultimate authority on real threats to our everyday health and safety. From cell phones to water quality to air travel, Risk tells readers how to assess warnings and data in order to make informed, practical decisions about their fears and concerns. Laid out in an easy-to-read format, Risk includes information on fifty top risks, analysis of risk hazards, consequences of risk on topics such as cancer, hazardous waste, indoor air pollution, radiation, and biological weapons.
September 2002: BIS Monitoring System, illustrated by Fairman Studios for Estco Medical and Apsect Medical Systems.The BIS Monitoring System, by Aspect Medical Systems, is a reliable tool to help physicians and practicioners observe, measure, access and decide the best course of treatment through observation of traditional vital signs, measurement of effects on the brain with BIS via a sensor placed on patient’s forehead, and assessment patient status with even greater confidence. BIS technology can provide new insight about the direct and patient-specific effects of anesthesia and sedatives on the brain, enabling the physician to assess consciousness and sedation separately from cardiovascular activity.
logo September 2002: Becton, Dickinson and Company requests BD Diabetes Web Patient Education Kiosk.Heartbeat Digital (web design) and Fairman Studios (medical illustration) have collaborated to create a comprehensive BD Diabetes education website for patients and their families. BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) is a world leader in diabetes healthcare, providing injection systems (insulin syringes, pens and needles) and diabetes healthcare education to people with diabetes.The BD Education Center is a comprehensive resource for up-to-date educational materials focusing on a variety of human health topics. The BD Education Center offers carefully selected titles made available through strategic alliances with leading professional associations and publishers, as well as titles created and offered by BD.
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September 2002: 2003 Physician ICD-9-CM, Professional Coder’s Edition is published. The Medical Management Institute’s 2003 Physician ICD-9-CM, Professional Coder’s Edition is out! This manual is designed with flexibility and ease-of-use in mind. The format of the manual is easy enough to understand to appeal to beginning coders just starting their coding careers or seeking certification while the information contained within will meet the standards of any seasoned coding veteran. The manual is fully updated each year and contains a number of features invaluable to coders including full-color anatomical plates by Fairman Studios with facing pages that relate that body system to relevant diagnosis codes.
logo August 4 – 9 2002: Guild of Natural Science Illustrators ConferenceThe conference will be held in Kansas City, MO at the University of Kansas. 2002 GNSI Conference and Annual Meeting
co-hosts: University of Kansas Museum of Natural History and Allen Press; Lawrence, Kansas. Come participate in an exciting program which includes: portfolio sharing/reception, keynote address, program sessions, members art exhibit and reception, business meeting, banquet, auction, workshops, field trips, and a price-guessing exhibit.
logo August 2002: Medical illustrations for Lahey Clinic research moves forwardIn a seemingly coincidental chain of events, the Departments of Orthopaedic Surgery, Urology, and Public Affairs requested Fairman Studios to produce artwork illustrating current clinical research:William Healy, MD, of the Department of Orthopaedic surgery recently published a paper on “Mesh Expansion for Lateral Patello-femoral Retinalcular Release”for the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery.Leonard Zinman, MD, of the Department of Urology recently gave a talk on “Transcorporal Artificial Urinary Sphincter Cuff Placement in Cases Requiring Revision for Erosion and Urethral Atrophy”.

The Department of Public Affairs has a new publication – the Lahey Clinic Health and Wellness Newsletter. It’s goal is to provide timely health information of interest to patients and their families. It’s pages inform patients of new services and upcoming health events at Lahey Clinic. Each issue features common medical topics, “heart health,” health tips, and news about Lahey’s community of caregivers.

logo July 2002: Certificate of Merit AwardedAt the 57th Annual Conference of the Association of Medical Illustrators, held in Austin, TX, a Certificate of Merit was awarded to Fairman Studios in the Professional Editorial category for the Women’s Health Magazine, January 2002 issue cover, “Managing Mixed Connective Tissue Disease.” The piece is featured in the “Winning Ways” section of the Nov/Dec 2002 issue of the AMI newsletter.
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logo July 24 – 28 2002: Association of Medical Illustrators MeetingThe Association of Medical Illustrators Annual Meeting will be held in Austin, Texas this year. Jennifer Fairman, along with Jill Gregory and Kellie Holoski, will be giving the First Timer’s Workshop. This workshop is intended for students, new AMI members/non-members, and all other individuals who are attending the AMI Annual Meeting for their first time. The session will introduce newcomers to each other and the AMI – the Annual meeting, AMI Headquarters, and much, much more… see more details
June 2002: Fairman Studios illustrates for Columbia University’s Journal of the College of Physicians and SurgeonsThree Clinical Advances articles were illustrated in this issue:

  1. ALS Clinic Named for Lou Gehrig Brings Many Skills to Challenging Disease
  2. Pediatric Plastic Surgery Clinic Aids the Community
  3. Patient Care in Epilepsy: Shifting the Paradigm, an illustration of the Hypothalamic Pituitary Axis
logo May 2002: Fairman Studios launches its new website!Well, it’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here! After answering so many inquiries about medical illustration services, contracts, estimates, copyrights, and general inquiries about becoming a medical illustrator, Fairman Studios decided to update its website. We didn’t just change our look… we completely revamped the site to improve its organization and include a wider range of information about services provided by Fairman Studios. In addition, the site now offers a broad base of information about the field of medical illustration itself. Thanks for visiting! Come back and visit often as things are always evolving. We welcome your feedback and comments.
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March 2002: Cytyc – Ductal LavageFairman Studios is collaborating together with Jespersen and Associates in Boston, MA for Cytyc (formerly Pro-Duct Health). Fairman Studios is producing patient and physician educational materials, including illustration and 2D animation on Ductal Lavage. Lavage is a way to collect cells from inside the milk ducts, where most breast cancers begin. The cells are sent to a laboratory to determine whether they are normal or abnormal. If abnormal cells are found, they indicate an increased risk of breast cancer development.Ductal Lavage is used for:

  1. Assessing Risk for Breast Cancer: Ductal lavage can reveal how the cells inside the breast are behaving. Using an idividuals own cells to learn more about her individual risk level can add to the information provided by general risk factors such as family history.
  2. Ongoing Surveillance: Because ductal lavage can be repeated, cells from particular milk ducts can be checked over time. As a result, it offers high-risk women another tool for ongoing surveillance.
logo March 2002: Karl Storz Endoscopy-AmericaFairman Studios has created a series of illustrations for the Karl Storz Silverbook Series, a marketing piece for physicians featuring medical devices. This edition will cover Endoforehead Lifts for several approaches of endscopic forehead lift procedures.Karl Storz Endoscopy recently updated it’s laparoscopic myoma screw, a medical device used for the fixation of myomas during laparoscopic procedures reuiring the removal of large myomas from the abdomnal cavity. This new design was illustrated by Fairman Studios to be used in KSEA’s marketing and adverstisement collateral for the new product.
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logo February 2002: Fairman Studios begins work on Neil Campbells’ newest edition of Biology: Exploring LifeFairman Studios has begun to create original illustrations for this widely used biology reference. Biology: Exploring Life (EL) integrates text, Web, and labs into a dynamic program for high school. EL is a new kind of high school biology program – a different solution for 9th and 10th grade teachers and students, to be published in fall of 2002. EL will consist of a short textbook (roughly 800 pages), a set of exploratory lab and field activities, and a large, thoroughly integrated Web site. In fact, it’s fair to describe EL as a “web site and labs supported by a textbook” rather than a “textbook with a supplemental Web site and labs.”
logo January 2002: Fairman Studios partners with Silverscape Studios for Genzyme Molecular OncologyFairman Studios and Silverscape Studio have been collaborating with Genzyme Molecular Oncology to create an interactive CD-ROM and tradeshow booth chronicling GMO’s next generation of cancer treatments. Fairman Studios specifically created the artwork which was animated and implimented into an interactive CD press kit by Silverscape. Genzyme Molecular Oncology is developing a new generation of cancer products focusing on cancer vaccines, angiogenesis inhibitors and cancer pathway regulators.
logo January 2002: Fairman Studios goes to surgery with Kyphon, Inc. Kyphon develops innovative medical devices using proprietary balloon technology for orthopedic applications. The KyphX Inflatable Bone Tamp (IBT) is designed to assist in the management of fractures involving crushed or collapsed bone through fracture reduction and creation of a cavity in cancellous bone. Fairman Studios has been asked to redesign Kyphon’s promotional and educational materials for patients and physicians through illustration and 2D animation.
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