PenguinPosterThis is a uniquely definitive educational poster about all Penguins Of The World (dimensions: 24″ x 36″).  As original illustrations by Jennifer Fairman of Fairman Studios, this poster shows each penguin in habitus format. A color coded chart with accompanying descriptions of each of the 17 penguin species depicted explains their habitat, diet, population and other statistics. A map of the southern hemisphere shows the location of each penguin species.

Single posters retail for $20 plus shipping and handling. Personalized autographed copies are $40 plus shipping and handling. Wholesale quantities are also available. Please email for more information on wholesale pricing.

Fairman Studios was chosen among a number of other illustration studios to create original illustrations that are now be part of an interactive walk-through display for the Saint Louis Zoo Penguin and Puffin Coast Exhibit, which opened at the zoo in Spring 2003. This poster was created after the project was completed as an educational and promotional piece showing all 17 species of penguins. Read more about this project.


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