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Fairman Studios has long rich history in visual communications. Illustrations and animation, interactive design, web publication and graphic design are some of the countless educational and creative materials we have helped clients with over the years. The studio continues to captivate audiences with exceptional and unique visuals that foster engaging and effective educational experiences. With a passion for both art and education, Fairman Studios creates illustrations with a deep understanding of pedagogy to craft visually stunning and instructional content.


Educational illustrations for K-12 programs, editorial works, educational institutions, publishing houses, e-learning platforms and other projects. Learn more and see style examples within the portfolio.


Fairman Studios designs cohesive brand assets for a wide range of organizations and events within collateral, developed iconography, and instructional design. Read case studies…


With 25+ years of experience in science communication and medical illustration, Fairman Studios’ work spans over multiple topics and styles, now available for licensing. Learn more about stock imagery.

Creative Coaching

Creatives and soloprenuers need to know artist rights and understand the business of small business. Looking for consultation or coaching in small business practices? Let’s talk.

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