Winning with Diabetes

Inspiring Stories from Athletes to Help You Thrive

A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book
Published April 11, 2023

An ultra-marathoner, a three-time Olympic gold medalist, a major league pitcher, and an NFL star. What do these elite athletes have in common? They reached the top of their field―all while living with diabetes.

Essential reading for people who have diabetes and their families, Winning with Diabetes highlights the challenges, perseverance, and successes of sixteen elite athletes living with the disease. From mountain climber Will Cross, to college softball champion Kylee Perez, to NBA legend Dominique Wilkins, and many more, these are the real-life stories of diagnosis, adapting new day-to-day routines, finding support, training, competing, and connecting with communities of other people living with diabetes. The book features advice for facing common fears and challenges, both on and off the playing field. Each chapter includes interviews with athletes about their experiences, paired with expert commentary from the authors. Chapters also include summaries of key concepts, along with illustrations and other graphics.

Winning with Diabetes will inspire readers of all ages―those newly diagnosed as well as those who have lived with diabetes for years. Written by physicians who have set the standards for management of the disease, this book brings you expert insight into finding ways to live your best life. Let the experts, the athletes, and the inspiration in Winning with Diabetes give you what you need to you stay in the game. Don’t let diabetes send you to the bench. These motivational stories of top athletes with diabetes will inspire you to live your best life.

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