Jennifer Fairman publishes COVID-19 visualization article in JNSI

The latest issue of the Journal of Natural Science Communication is out (Volume 52, No 2, 2020), the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators’ peer-reviewed quarterly journal. Associate Professor Jennifer Fairman, CMI, FAMI published an invited feature article on COVID-19 research and visualization, “Science vs. Virus: Illustrating SARS-CoV-2” covering her visualization research and production work on the novel coronavirus. Fairman writes, “mortality continues as we speak and as researchers frantically work to find answers, effective treatments, and a cure. Our field is seeing a surge where we can’t draw pictures fast enough… Our best weapon is rapid, widespread, effective communication of trusted factual information and discrediting polarized and politicized misinformation in a fragmented media environment. Like 9-11, the world is in crisis with one major difference: [Artists] are needed.”


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