Do You Collect Cats? Drawn Together Interview with Debbie Irwin

Shout-out to an amazing colleague and good friend, Debbie Irwin, voice actor, speaker, audio producer, and Principal of Debbie Irwin Voiceovers. She has become a trusted advisor in the medical illustration community. We have had the pleasure of not only using her talent and clear voice for animation projects, but also knowing her as a wonderful friend and colleague within the Association of Medical Illustrators. People recognize her professionalism and value her work. She is a great resource as she also provides audio production services and manages the entire audio package: casting other voice talent, whether it’s for a male voice, a female voice that’s not hers, or multiple voices for eLearning projects, for example; and working with composers to customize canned music or create original scores. While you can hear her on Pandora commercials, as various video game voices, or guiding you on a museum audio tour (yes, she was once the voice of The Statue of Liberty), medical narration is her expertise. In fact, she is now coaching other voice-over talent who want to develop their skills in this particular genre.

Debbie writes a regular newsletter on a range of interesting topics, the newest being the Drawn Together Series, and this month, Debbie talks with Jennifer E. Fairman, CMI, FAMI about Medical Illustration, COVID-19, and Cats! Here’s an excerpt:

Q: Do you think anyone can learn how to draw?

“I do.  I think there is a difference between innate creativity and learning how to draw.  My feeling is, you know how to write…right?  You know how to write unless you can’t use your hands.  You can write. You have your own handwriting.  Everybody has their own handwriting.  You learn how to talk.  You learn how to walk. You learn a lot of different things.  I think you can learn how to draw the same way.  I think that in order to learn how to draw, you need to learn how to see and understand what you’re looking at.”

Read the entire interview here: Drawn Together Series, August 2020.

Photo Credit: © Emily Lambert Photography. Icon Illustrations: © James Archer, Anatomy Blue.


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August 23, 2020

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