This informational graphic visually summarizes the diverse topics of genetic science that researchers are investigating —such as DNA markers, cellular pathways, chromosomes, mosquito genomes, biostatistics and ethics—to find new ways to improve global health.  Through a visually stimulating portrayal of a wide variety of current genetic research areas, this spread exhibits significant scientific investigations impact on human medicine span from the microscopic to the macroscopic. The spread conveys the 12 specific genetic research areas described and summarized in captions and expressed in the panoramic display, enabling new scientific insight.  The use of graphic symbols at the beginning of each description helps the viewer to identify each of these scientific investigation allows the viewer to understand the progression,  giving the sense of a visual journey in the main panorma.  These topics and their depiction enable the public as well as the community of science to clearly understand the sequencing that has occurred in recent scientific investigations as well as identify the effects that a single gene may have on human health as well as all society. The panoramic display and the use of the DNA molecule allows one to continuously move through the scientific discoveries of the genome from the microscopic, having implications at the molecular level, to macroscopic, having implications on populations. DNA acts as an undulating pathway of adventure which allows the viewer to visually travel from topic to topic. Areas of more intense color focus the viewer at each topic along the DNA trail.

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