Illustration created for the article Evaluation and Treatment of Painful Total Hip Arthroplasties with Modular Metal Taper Junctions by R. Michael Meneghini, MD; Nadim J. Hallab, PhD; Joshua J. Jacobs, MD. Orthopedics May 2012, Volume 35, Number 5.

Modern primary total hip arthroplasty femoral components have emerged to include modular necks. Subsequently, the additional taper junction provides another interface as a potential source for mechanically assisted crevice corrosion, which is a complex process involving fretting and crevice corrosion. Furthermore, it is becoming evident that an adverse local tissue reaction may result in some patients due to the mechanically assisted crevice corrosion. This article details the clinical, radiographic, and laboratory evaluation of patients with these components who present with persistent pain. The relevant surgical strategies and techniques to address this pathology in symptomatic patients are addressed.

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