Vicks Gentle Touch Behind the Ear Thermometer: Illustrations for instructions for use and positioning.

The Vicks Gentle Touch Behind Ear thermometer is set to revolutionise the way body temperature is taken in infants and children. With a simple touch, the thermometer is gentle enough to be used without waking a sleeping infant, while providing accurate measurements in one second.

The Vicks Gentle Touch Behind Ear thermometer uses a novel heat flow technique to measure the temperature of the blood carotid artery which runs behind the ear, bringing blood to the brain and hypothalamus (the temperature-regulating gland) and so accurately reflecting core body temperature.

A revolution in the way to take temperature: it measures the temperature from behind earlobe

  • Gentle: it measures temperature by simply touching behind ear lobe with a soft ring
  • Accurate: clinically proven
  • Accuracy: ± 0.2°C
  • Fast: only 1 sec. reading
  • Special sensor detects heathflow through the skin
  • Fever Insight® Feature: color-coded temperature display
  • Memory function: tracks last 8 measurements
  • Featuring a washable ring for extra hygiene
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