logo December, 2000: Fairman Studios creates corporate identity for ZapThink Fairman Studios is currently creating a logo and other corporate identity products for ZapThink, an IT market intelligence firm that provides trusted advice and critical insight into XML, Web Services, and Service Orientation. ZapThink provides IT vendors, service providers and end-users a clear roadmap for standards-based, loosely coupled distributed computing – a vision of IT meeting the needs of the agile business.
logo December 2000: Percardia presents new VSTENT through medical illustrationPursuant to their marketing needs, Percardia asked Fairman Studios to create original medical illustrations of their newest product, the VSTENT, a transmyocardial stent. Percardia’s VSTENT Myocardial Implant represents a potentially new and novel approach to relieving ischemia by delivering oxygenated blood from the left ventricle of the heart to a targeted coronary vessel. One unique aspect of the company’s approach is that is it allows for more flexible delivery options for patients requiring coronary revascularization. The company expects to develop different delivery systems allowing the VSTENT Myocardial Implant to be implanted either in an open surgical, less invasive surgical environment as well as The new stent enables flow from the left ventricle to the left anterior descending artery, supplying the heart muscle with oxygen rich blood.
dotted_line November 22, 2000: Fairman Studios, LLC Day of Founding. A new company is born!


logo November 2000: Dartmouth Center for Environmental Health Sciences chooses Fairman Studios to design its new web site, launched July 2001Dartmouth’s Center for Environmental Health Sciences fosters the kind of collaborative, integrated science program for environmental health problems of communities, local and global. The CEHS Site communicates what has been learned, by training future scientists and by participating in public outreach. The site has four major aims: (1) to examine at the molecular level the mechanisms linking the environment to human health and disease and to develop methods to detect, control and prevent environmentally-related illness (2) to create a collaborative culture that prepares a new generation of young investigators to work at the interface of scientific disciplines (3) to shorten the distance between basic research and its applications by addressing questions that are of direct concern to the public and (4) to share our scientific findings and expertise with the public, to provide free access to information resources and to participate in public education
logo October 2000: Fairman Studios and Dennis Interactive partner on Eli Lilly Diabetes Kiosk.Fairman Studios has created patient education illustrations for a new Flash interactive diabetes education kiosk. This kiosk teaches patients about the complications that can arise from diabetes, including eye problems, kidney disease, surgical loss of a foot or leg, nerve damage, sexual problems, frequent infection, and heart attack or stroke. The kiosk teaches patients about these conditions and how to avoid them in order to help manage diabetes.
logo October 2000: ALS-Therapy Development Foundation gives Fairman Studios it’s start Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that attacks motor neurons in the brain (upper motor neurons) and spinal cord (lower motor neurons).

ALS Therapy Development Foundation uses entrepreneurial spirit and techniques to aggressively seek out, develop, and deliver promising therapies to slow, arrest, and cure ALS. Fairman Studios has continuously worked with ALS-TDF ever since we opened our doors for business. Our illustrations are currenly used within ALS-TDF’s monthly newletter, website, annual report and patient education materials used in ALS 101, a course taught by ALS-TDF to teach patients and their families about the disease.

Learn more about ALS

logo October 2000: A company is born! Though our legal anniversary is November 22, 2000, Fairman Studios began plans to open its doors at the end of October 2000. A new biomedical communications studio comes into being, bringing with it a focus on high quality, didactic and aesthetic medical and biological illustration and animation services. Some of our very first clients included Eli Lilly, Dartmouth University, ALS Therapy Development Foundation, Lahey Clinic and Percardia. Click on a date below to continue reading about our history in medical art and what’s new!
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